Developmental Editor & Certified Book Coach

Education & Association

Member of the EFA, ACES, NWEG

Certified Author Accelerator Book Coach (Fiction)

Completed coursework:

  • Author Accelerator Certification for Fiction with a Specialization in Revision

  • Developmental Editing for Fiction (with Pat Dobie)

  • Developmental Editing: In Practice (Sophie Playle)

Removing Judgement From the Editing Process

Editing isn't meant to be about criticism.

Working with an editor shouldn't feel like taking a test you don't even know the questions to. It's not about marking up your novel, grading it, then lording what you don't know over your head and delivering edicts.

It's about helping you improve your novel.

This is my guiding principle in delivering feedback, which lends itself to explaining why I make any of the suggestions I do. Because I fully believe if you understand why I'm suggesting a change, you'll be able to recognize what the underlying concern is and feel better-equipped to consider solutions, as well as recognize it again in the future.

Even if you decide to dismiss some (or even all!) of my suggestions, I'll never forget the novel is yours, and so the decision to make any of those changes is also yours.

My promise to you—no matter whether you've only written fanfiction up until now and/or desire to translate your D&D character into a bona fide protagonist—is to withhold judgement, guide you toward writing the best version of your story possible, and aid you in becoming a better writer along the way.

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Service Policy

As the sole proprietor of Solar Edits, LLC, I ensure the following:

• Authors retain all rights to their work.
• Services will never be outsourced to third parties.




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