Author Accelerator's Blueprint for a Book (Fiction)

From idea to working framework

Develop a complete framework for your novel in 17 strategic exercises (with examples!). Tackle genre, worldbuilding, your story's timeline, and even draft your first and final scenes. Learn about cause-and-effect and how to sketch out your plot between these scenes to form a compelling and cohesive story.

You'll also learn how to effectively outline your novel without ruining the story for yourself. Because a good outline is one you're excited about and showcases the unique story you want to tell- and everything in this workbook is aimed at helping you uncover that. By the end of it, you'll have a full framework for your story and a roadmap for writing a solid first or second draft.

Also includes two rounds of in-line editorial commentary and a video call follow-up to work through any sticking points.

Best of all, you can re-use this workbook for all your future novel ideas and save yourself the heartache of writing thousands of words only to scrap them later. In fact, I highly recommend starting here for every manuscript or novel concept, which is why it's included as part of practically every service package offered here.

Best for:

  • Complex novels

  • Fleshing out ideas

  • Plotters who love the word "framework"

  • Pantsers who need a helping hand with structure

  • Anyone who isn't sure their manuscript is ready for editing

Editorial Assessment

Take your draft from "mess" to "yess"

Designed to give you all the tools you need to tackle a rewrite for a messy or incomplete draft, this service is a complete package deal for any writer on a budget.

The Blueprint Workbook helps you get clear on your story's foundational elements (and serves as an effective distraction from the anxious wait for feedback!). Simply completing the exercises within will give you an advanced perspective on your story's meaning and potential.

Following a thorough read of your manuscript, you'll receive a concise editorial letter containing professional insights on how your story holds together, and also offers considerations for revising a stronger draft.

In addition, a basic book map lays out your story's scenes, allowing you to see your manuscript's structure at a glance without scrolling through pages and pages of text. This tool makes it easy to substitute theoretical changes and scene reorganization to gauge how well they might work before you commit to them in the manuscript itself.

Finally, we'll schedule a one-on-one video call to answer any remaining questions you might have, and pull it all together to ensure you have a solid path forward.

Best for writers who:

  • Feel stuck

  • Have an incomplete draft

  • Need professional insight on a budget

  • Know something isn't working, but they're not sure what it is

  • Anyone giving serious thought to feeding their draft to a shredder

Manuscript Evaluation

Learn how to make your story work

Functionally a light developmental edit, this service aims to take a draft that's been self-edited as far as the writer can take it, and provide a roadmap to the next level with professional insight and concise feedback on the manuscript's strengths and weaknesses.

How it works:

• In-line commentary highlights specific areas of confusion or concern directly within the manuscript.

• An advanced book map showcases the story's plot trajectory and character agency alongside scene-by-scene analysis.

• A detailed editorial letter ranks structural problems with a clear priority list of suggested changes to provide a complete roadmap for a streamlined revision.

• Concludes with a 1-hour video call to discuss feedback, answer questions, and provide any other needed resources to the writer.

Best for authors who:

  • Have been getting inconsistent feedback

  • Are excited by the idea of learning how to improve their work

  • Know their draft requires work and looking for advice & direction

Book Coaching: Revision

Your own personal writing coach (and cheerleader!)

Receive the perfect blend of developmental editing, support, and accountability as you write to ensure your revision schedule stays on track to meet your goals. This service is for the serious author seeking to write a complete and polished manuscript ready to either query agents or self-publish a standout final draft.

We'll start with a free consultation session to talk about your project goals and set what you feel to be realistic expectations for each deadline. Based on those goals and the frequency of work submitted, we'll draft up a projected timeline and discuss scheduling for regular video calls.

Choose to submit a set number of pages or words every week or every two weeks, for how ever many months you'd like to work together. Deadlines to submit pages are on Mondays. You'll receive feedback by Wednesday or Thursday, and we'll schedule a regular meeting time to talk about your previous submission over the weekend.

Best for authors who:

  • Need guidance through revision

  • Have always worked best with a partner

  • Want someone to soundboard ideas with

  • Are more motivated to write with a deadline in place

FREE Introductory Package

Receive a free assessment of 5 sample pages, a 7-question Deep Dive worksheet, AND a no-obligation 30-minute call to gain a glimpse of not only the sort of feedback to expect, but the type of discussions we would have surrounding your story.

Service Policy

As the sole proprietor of Solar Edits, LLC, I ensure the following:

• Authors retain all rights to their work.
• Services will never be outsourced to third parties.




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